EcoTurca started commercial activity with chickpeas exports, and then the investments continued at the end of 2009 in Adıyaman Organized Industrial zone, they have established one of Turkey’s most modern legumes processing and packing plant. 

EcoTurca is accelerating its work with its aducated and experienced team every day and in Mersin one of Turkey’s most recent technologic legumes processing ang packing facility is established. They become one of the country’s leading export companies in today’s Turkey. Traceability and sustainability from the ground to shelf for organic production is the basic principle of us. EcoTurca, aims to leave a habitable world for future generations and it is primarily on the philosophy of adopting this to producers, employees and the whole country. For conventional production it is their basic principle that to apply the same vision and standards as in organic production. The target of EcoTurca is to be one of the leading companies in organic and conventional legumes and grain production, to protect the environment at every stage of their work, to always provide material and spiritually appropriate work environment for their employees and to catch customer standards in product quality.